Department - Waste Water Treatment

The Village Waste Water facilities are a 24 hour per day 7 day per week operation. When a sewer line, a pump station, or a treatment plant go into service, it is essential to the public health and safety that the systems continue to function without interruption. 

Mission Statement: 

The mission of this department is to collect and provide proper treatment of the Village wastewater for the lowest practical costs to the residents in a prudent, reasonable and responsible manner.

The Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972 established a far reaching set of national programs to address water pollution. Our three treatment plants address the national agenda to protect the nations waterways.

Each plant has a state permit regulating its use. We are given standards for our effluent and we are permitted to handle a specific amount of flow at each facility.

We also have a State and Federal permit for sludge disposal that sets specific regulations on how our sludge is to be made safe prior to disposal and specific regulations on how this sludge is disposed. All of our sludge is applied to farm fields where it is used as a crop nutrient to grow corn.

      Service Request
      Make a request any of the following ways:
      • Calling Public Works at        (815) 215-4800
      • Visiting the Village Hall at       1 Veterans Parkway on the Commons.

      After Hours Emergency

      • Call 815-485-2500
      Public Works Staff
      Public Works General Number

      Brian Williams
      Public Works Director

      Sean Vandenbergh
      Street Superintendent

      Keith McKeen
      Waste Water Superintendent

      Mark Brow
      Water Superintendent

      Matt Smith
      Fleet Supervisor

      Matt Pyrnn
      Facilites and Grounds Supervisor


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