Department - Water

One of the most important jobs of the Public Works department is to ensure that the residents of New Lenox have a safe and dependable water supply.


The water department primary function is to provide a safe and adequate water supply for sanitation, fire protection, and drinking. The Village of New Lenox’s water supply is surface water from Lake Michigan. The water is delivered from the city of Chicago via the Southwest Water Transmission System which is maintained and operated by the Village Of Oak Lawn and serves 13 communities, including New Lenox.


Water Main Breaks

Should you suspect a possible water main break, please call the Public Works Department at 815-215-4800 during normal working hours, or notify the Police Department at 815-485-2500 when the Village Hall is closed.


Deduct Meter

A deduct meter is an optional meter that measures the amount of water used for such things as lawn irrigation. The water used does not discharge into the sanitary sewer system. The water measurement of a deduct meter shall deduct from the consumer's SEWER USAGE ONLY. Although the consumer will be billed for ALL water use, the sewer charges will only applied to water used inside the home thus reducing the cost to the consumer. Deduct meters are available at the Village Hall. 

The user is responsible for all costs subject to said meter and its installation. The current cost of a “deduct meter” is $300.00. The cost is subject to change without notice. The meter should be installed by a licensed plumber.  Deduction of sewer charges will not begin until final inspection is completed, and the meter is sealed by Village of New Lenox Water Department personnel.

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Lawn Sprinkling/New Lawn Permits

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Back Flow Assembly Testing

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      Water Quality

      The following document explains unsafe water issues and terms. In addition, current readings for all foreign matter in local water supplies subject to EPA reporting is included.
      Download the 2019 Water Quality Report 

      Service Request
      Make a request any of the following ways:
      • Calling Public Works at        (815) 215-4800
      • Visiting the Village Hall at       1 Veterans Parkway on the Commons.

      After Hours Emergency

      • Call 815-485-2500
      Public Works Staff
      Public Works General Number

      Brian Williams
      Public Works Director

      Sean Vandenbergh
      Street Superintendent

      Keith McKeen
      Waste Water Superintendent

      Mark Brow
      Water Superintendent

      Matt Smith
      Fleet Supervisor

      Matt Pyrnn
      Facilites and Grounds Supervisor


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