Boats, Trailers, and Recreational Vehicles
The Village Board recently amended its ordinance regarding parking and storing boats, trailers, recreational vehicles and accessories. The ordinance allows residents to park or store one motor home, travel trailer, camping trailer, recreational vehicle, boat, personal water craft, or all-terrain vehicle.

April 1st to October 31st

The vehicle may be parked or stored, but not lived in, on a lot in the residential district from April 1st to October 31st. We do require that the vehicle be parked on a hard surface driveway. (hard surface means a driveway constructed of asphalt, pavers, or other similar materials resulting in a dust free surface) Also, the vehicle may not extend or encroach into the right-of-way or over the public sidewalk, nor may the vehicle be parked or stored on the street.

November 1st to March 31st

From November 1st to March 31st, these types of vehicles may be parked or stored in a side or rear yard only, and must be parked on a hard surface driveway. When parked or stored in a side yard, the vehicle shall be located to the rear of the front wall of the home and must be screened from public view. Adequate screening shall consist of a fence with a maximum height of six feet. We do require that the entire vehicle be screened from public view when parked in a side yard. Finally on corner lots, the front yards are considered to be both yards facing a public street.

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