Mobile Storage Containers
One of the latest trends in temporary storage is the rental of Mobile Storage Containers, also known as PODS or portable on-demand storage structures. Many people are turning to this alternative instead of leasing space at a storage facility. In order to maintain the appearance of our neighborhoods, the Village Board recently adopted an ordinance regulating the placement, size, and length of time allowed for a mobile storage container.

Additionally, as part of the approved ordinance, all mobile storage containers will now require temporary use permits. A fee of $30.00 will be charged per temporary use permit. The rules for mobile storage containers are as follows:
  • There shall be only one temporary use permit for a Mobile Storage Containers per property; no container can be stacked upon another.
  • The containers cannot remain on the property for more than 30 days. However in the event the property is sold or leased to a new owner or tenant during any calendar year, each owner or tenant shall be permitted to utilize a mobile storage container for a total of 30 days per calendar year.
  • The property on which the mobile storage container is placed shall be occupied by a principal building.
  • The containers cannot be larger than eight feet tall, eight feet wide and sixteen feet long.
  • The containers shall only be placed on a driveway or other hard surface.
  • The containers cannot be placed on public property or in a location that obstructs traffic visibility.
  • The containers cannot have signage other than the name, address and telephone number of the person or firm engaged in the business of renting or placing the containers.
  • The containers are to be in a good state of repair, free from rust, peeling paint and other forms of visible deterioration.
  • The containers shall not be used for the purpose of conducting business or selling merchandise.

Please be advised, the penalty for violating the regulations for mobile storage containers will be a minimum of $25.00 per day

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