In order to obtain the zoning designation for a property, click on "Zoning Map" below.

  • As the Zoning Map is in a pdf format, one can pan around and zoom in or zoom out of various sections of the community by using the tool features. The zoning district color legend is located at the bottom of the map.

  • Street names are identified but the addresses and property identification numbers are not shown for each parcel. Therefore, in most cases, one can obtain the zoning for a property if the street name is all that is needed.

  • Properties that are non-colored (white) are not in the Village of New Lenox but rather are unincorporated properties that fall under zoning jurisdiction of Will County (815-727-8850).

If you still need assistance or further information in order to ascertain the zoning for a property, contact Community Development at 815-462-6490.


Zoning Districts - Permitted Use and Special Use Table

Single Family Zoning District Requirements

Corner Lot Fence Restrictions Diagram

Zoning Map    
NOTE: (In order to find information about our zoning codes go to GOVERNMENT/VILLAGE CODES/MUNICODE.COM/CHAPTER 106). 


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