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Building permits are required for all new commercial and industrial projects and due to the unique features of each building; the requirements may vary from project to project. The initial step in any project of this scope is to verify that the zoning classification for your project meets the zoning of your lot. A site plan review is required on all new construction commercial and industrial projects. The site plan review is conducted by Village staff and is a preliminary review with the Village Board having final authority in approving the project. The site plan consists of the following minimum requirements: civil drawings, photometric plans, landscape plans, proposed signage, building elevations, site plan and completed application. For more information on site plan review, please contact the Planning Department of Community Development.

Once the site plan has been approved by both Village staff and the Village Board, the Building Department will accept architectural plans. A minimum of three sets of architecturally drawn, signed and sealed, construction plans are required for each project. The plans should also include all information as indicated on the commercial checklist such as but not limited to: soils report, structural calculations and energy calculations. Please refer to the checklist for a complete list of all required submittal items.

A complete building review will be conducted on the building plans and most reviews will be completed within fourteen days. The New Lenox Fire Protection District also has review authority on commercial projects and will conduct their own independent plan review and they will also conduct inspections throughout the project.

On larger commercial and industrial projects or multi-story projects, additional features such as fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems or elevators are required and typically have their own review and permitting requirements. Please refer to the New Construction Commercial/Industrial Permit Guide for specific submittal requirements for this scope of work.

New Lenox uses a construction cost per square foot method in determining estimated value and permit fees. The current table used in calculating these fees is The August 2015 Square Foot Construction Cost Table published in the ICC Building and Safety Journal. The estimated construction value is derived from this table and the permit fee is calculated at $8.00 per $1,000 of the value of the project. Please see the fee table for more information on permit fees.

If temporary trailers are proposed as field offices during construction, a temporary construction trailer permit is required. Please see the temporary use permit application for specific requirements and permitted locations.

Certain projects, such as restaurants and businesses that sell food may require review and approval by the Will County Health Department. Please contact the Health Department at (815) 727-8490 or to address specific food service requirements.

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