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Building permits are required for most construction and homeowner projects. Homeowners may work on any part 
or all of the project but contractors are required to register with the Village (Ordinance 2455 § 2) prior to receiving a permit and prior to proceeding with the project. Please view the Contractor Registration application for more information. Construction projects include but are not limited to: sheds, decks, pools (both in ground and above ground), fences, roofs, lawn irrigation, siding, window replacement, room addition, basement remodeling, etc. General building information for any of these types of projects can be found in the Building Guide for Miscellaneous Projects at the right. 

The process of obtaining a building permit for a home improvement project is as follows:

  1. First, we recommend that you review the Building Department’s Building Guide for Miscellaneous Projects and the Building Guide for Remodeling Projects at the right. These guides give greater detail in regards to each specific type of project. 
  2. Second, obtain and complete the appropriate permit application for your project. The applications are available here online or at the Village Hall. 
  3. Third, visit the Building Department and bring the completed building permit application, construction details for your project, a property survey or site plan and the name and registration number of the contractor doing the work. 

The review and approval time can be up to two weeks, so please allow ample time when planning your project.  For smaller projects such as fences, sheds, driveways, roofs and windows, the permit application may be reviewed over the counter and issued the same day provided all of the information is accurate, complies with all Village codes and ordinances and the contractor is registered to work in the Village.

The minimum fee for a building permit is $30.00. The fee for garages, remodeling, room additions and in-ground swimming pools will be determined based on the cost of the project.

The information listed below will help you complete your permit application and project in accordance with the Village Building Code. The list below is not intended to be a complete list of permitted projects. If you are not sure if a permit is required or have questions, please contact the Community Development Department at (815) 462-6490.



Miscellaneous Projects Building Guide

Remodeling - Residential Project Guide


Contractor Registration Application


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