Winter Snow Regulations

Snow Plow Truck

Winter Conditions:

The winter season brings inclement weather conditions making travel difficult. One of the Village's primary objectives during the season is to keep roads and highways free from snow and ice through plowing and salting operations.  As residents, you can help Public Works keep streets and roads safer by keeping vehicles off public streets during a snow storm and by keeping snow from private drives and walkways off Village streets.

On Street Parking Prohibition - Snow Tow

In order to effectively clear all streets from curb, any vehicle parked on the roadway must be removed. Failure to clear the entire road surface hinders further removal of snow and presents a hazard when the remaining snow on the roadway freezes. As soon as the snow depth reaches 2" or greater, ALL vehicles must be removed from the street. It is advisable, however, to remove your vehicle as soon as it begins to snow. When parking overnight, keep in mind it may snow while you are sleeping, creating a problem early in the morning. Village code provides for ticketing or towing of vehicles in violation of this ordinance.

Depositing Snow in Roadways

Frozen snow piles and windrows from private snow removal operations create a hazard to vehicular traffic and make subsequent snow removal efforts difficult. Village code provides ticketing violators of this ordinance. Public Works asks what when clearing your driveway and walks, place the snow in your yard or in the parkway, not the street. Snow Plow drivers try to minimize any excess snow plow windrowing into cleared drives, however, the plowing process regrettably pushes some snow back into the cleared drives. Depositing snow on the street simply adds more to your drive after the next plowing cycle. Patience and cooperation during the snow removal season is a benefit to all.

Questions & Reporting Damage

Should you have any questions about “Snow Tow”, discharging snow into the roadways, or incur any plow damage, please feel free to contact the Villages offices at 815 462-6400 or Public Works at 815 215-4800.  PLEASE do not address questions or concerns with the plow drivers directly.  Approaching the trucks or climbing on the trucks to speak with the driver is unsafe, especially in the slippery winter conditions.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and cooperation in keeping New Lenox streets and roads safe.

Snow removal is performed in order of priority areas:

Priority 1: Main thoroughfares, high volume areas and potentially dangerous areas such as railroad crossings, school zones, curves, bridges and intersections

Priority 2: Secondary and residential streets

Priority 3: Cul-de-sacs and dead-ends will be the last areas plowed.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and cooperation in keeping New Lenox streets and roads safe!


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